Spring’s arrived

Holland Park - Kensington - 04

For the past two weeks the weather in London has been simply amazing. Last weekend was the culmination of it all. Went for a leisurely stroll around Kensington and behold the scenery I contemplated at Holland Park! And to improve it even further the clear blue sky was even clearer than usual due to this flight ban.

So many times I’ve heard the joke “We said send cash not ash” and I must confess it used to be pretty funny! However now that I’m actually crossing my fingers to be able to fly at the end of the week it doesn’t seem so nice anymore. Makes one wonder how much for granted we take simple things. Having just seen both Zeitgeist movies it also makes me think about conspiracy theory – I mean the sky is clear blue, not the faintest sign of grayish ash in the air. 🙂

Well, I’m pretty sure the airlines are doing what they can to get flights up and running again, and it is obviously better not to fly than to have some “flight incidents”. Fingers crossed and maybe I’ll find out tomorrow that this new ash cloud is being blown away towards the US or maybe Greenland.

Ah, almost forgot, out of irony one of the few flights taking off from London today, guess where it went?? That’s it, Reykjavik… maybe the UK just sent a few technicians to cover up the hole and be done with this ordeal.

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