Cave Story

cave_storyI thought I’d write a quick one about the amazing game Cave Story turned out to be. Takes you back to the old school 2D platformers with quite a high dosage of difficulty and at times the mandatory frustration. Having finished it in easy mode I can say that the final bosses in other modes must take insane amounts of mastery.

But anyway, the point of this post was not so much about the game but the fact Daisuke Amaya single handedly wrote the story, the music, the cinematics, the graphics and coded it all – this all over the course of 5 years working on his spare/free time (as he held a fulltime job). 5 years is a long time to be hammering at the same project so I can only imagine it took a lot of perseverance (read stubbornness) to stick with the project and execute it to completion. Hats off to Daisuke. 🙂