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Bash Shell $PS1 Configuration

After a recent talk with Jim Meyering I’ve decided to finally organise a bit my .bashrc and all my .dot_files in general. So first and foremost important change, track all .dot_files in some for of version control system. I’m right now … Continue reading

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Cave Story

I thought I’d write a quick one about the amazing game Cave Story turned out to be. Takes you back to the old school 2D platformers with quite a high dosage of difficulty and at times the mandatory frustration. Having … Continue reading

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Japan Funny Signs

Japan has really awesome sites to visit, great food and the people are extremely friendly and helpful. In the spirit of keeping tourists even more entertained, Japanese signs introduce subtle ‘easter eggs’ into their English translations. Here are some I … Continue reading

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Hadoop/Hive – Writing a Custom SerDe (Part 1)

(Special thanks to Denny Lee for reviewing this) Apache Hadoop is an open source project composed of several software solutions for distributed computing. One interesting component is Apache Hive that lets one leverage the MapReducing powers of Hadoop through the … Continue reading

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Counting lines in files

Here’s silly (and long) Python script I wrote a while back to count the number of lines in files recursively through a dir. (I guess I was fed up with ‘find ../ -iname “*cpp” | xargs wc -l” or just … Continue reading

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Como reparar o seu computador

Há uns tempos atrás o venerável jovem do xkcd teve um rasgo de brilhantismo ao descrever no post abaixo a típica situação pela qual o comum informático passa vezes sem conta. Como achei que era uma perda enorme tão bom … Continue reading

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Spring’s arrived

For the past two weeks the weather in London has been simply amazing. Last weekend was the culmination of it all. Went for a leisurely stroll around Kensington and behold the scenery I contemplated at Holland Park! And to improve … Continue reading

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